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  • [Event] GolfKing WHO campaign #TogetherAtHome #PlayApartTogether #2

    Hello, this is PNIX.


    #TogetherAtHome #PlayApartTogether For the second part of this campaign, the Tournament Rookie League for beginners has been opened with its entry fee reduced by 80%!

    So you wanted to play a 9-hole and an 18-hole, but you could not participate because of the entry fee?

    No worries! The Tournament Rookie League admission fees have been significantly lowered so that all golfers can play 9 holes and 18 holes freely.

    Entry Fee: 10,000 -> 2,000 Coins
    Trophy Requirement: 0~500
    Map Difficulty: Easy

    Participate in tournaments to earn Medals and Rewards!


    Play Golf King now!:

    #TogetherAtHome #PlayApartTogether

    Thank you.