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  • Castle Burn - Crown League China, Hong Kong regional publisher change notice

    Castle Burn - Crown League China, Hong Kong regional publishers will be changed.

    From June 5th, users will no longer be able to download Castle Burn - Crown League apps from the Chineses and Hong Kong AppStore / Googleplay store.

    From June 5th, it will not be possible to purchase IAPs, and create new accounts with Chinese and HK ip addresses.

    After the update due in June 27th, Chinese users will not be able to access the game with the current  app version.

    The refund process will begin after the above mentioned update. (June 27th).



    1. To preserve existing game data, please link with Googleplay Games Service or Game Center.

    2. If you are a Chinese user who does not want to maintain an account on a global server, you can apply for a refund from Wednesday, June 5th.


    If you have any questions, please contact us.

    Customer Service mail:


    Thank you for your love to Castle Burn – Crown League.